Dune Buggies On Ocean Dunes

Oceano Dunes

Explore These Famous Sand Dunes

Welcome to Oceano Dunes In Pismo Beach

Located near our hotel is Oceano Dunes in Pismo Beach, which stretches 5.5 miles and is the only place in the state of California where you can still legally drive your car directly onto the beach. If you have a truck, 4-wheel drive, or an off-road vehicle, Oceano Dunes cannot be missed. And, it's only $5 per car.

Although we do recommend an off-road vehicle, you don't need a truck or 4-wheel drive to officially enter. There are multiple locations to rent ATVs or dune buggies to go further adventuring in the sand dunes.

Most popular for ATV or hummer rentals, visitors also enjoy hiking, surf fishing, and swimming - as well as spotting wildlife. Explore over 3,000 acres at the only California State Park where you can drive on the beach. Red-tailed hawks, owls, and many kinds of shorebirds are just some of the fauna on display in this picturesque region.

Pack a lunch, dinner or snack, so you can continue exploring Oceano Dunes during one of Pismo Beach's fire-red sunsets. Whatever you decide, there's literally no other place like this in California. Oceano Dunes is located less than 3 miles from our Pismo Beach hotel on the beach.

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